Paget Family – Ashford Black Marble Socle

Back in March 2011 we put out an appeal for help in identifying an Ashford Black Marble socle that we bought at auction in 2009.  We wanted to know more about the piece and in particular the shield and silhouette.   Many people came forward with ideas, so thank you very much.

 Maxwell Craven pointed us in the direction of the Paget family and in particular Canon Thomas Bradley Paget (1812 – 1893).  He identified the wording on the shield as reading ‘Deo Pagit’ and not as we’d thought, ‘Deo Pacet’. 

 Canon Thomas Paget was a parish vicar at Welton in Yorkshire for 47 years and a chaplain to the Archbishop of York.  I got in touch with the Borthwick Institute for Archives at York University which holds the ecclesiastical records for the Minster.  Amongst their Faculty collection for 1893 they found a permission to erect a memorial tablet to Canon Thomas Bradley Paget in the chancel of Welton Church. 

 I contacted Welton Parish Council and Jill Gill and Robin Peacock very kindly photographed the tablet for me and hey presto, it is the same outstretched arm holding the scroll.   We can now be pretty certain that our mystery silhouette is linked to the Paget family, but is it Canon Thomas Bradley Paget?

Cheffins auction house sold a watercolour by Sophie Paget titled ‘Portrait of the Reverend Thomas Bradley Paget, MA, and W H Broadley Esq, going Fishing from Welton House’ in 2010.   Is there are likeness between our silhouette and either men? 

Paget’s half brother Franceys Bradley Paget (c.1820 – 1855) lived and was buried in Ashford in the Water, Derbyshire.  I feel that he must be involved somewhere as it seems too much of a coincidence that he lived in the same village as where the Ashford Black Marble was mined.  Franceys died aged only 35, so could this have been a memorial to him?

 Tracking down the individual Paget family member is probably going to prove impossible, but at least we now know something about our socle.  For those who relish a challenge and believe nothing is impossible, let us know if you find out anything more!

6 Responses to Paget Family – Ashford Black Marble Socle

  1. Maria O'Flaherty says:

    in the St. Christopher Advertiser of the 18th January 1825 I found an advert relating to a Mrs Garvey who lived on Fort Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts. A pair of large silver sauce boats were stolen from on top of her sideboard. they had decorations on them – Coat of arms – a field with a cross through the middle and a shell on one part. and a crest a hand and an arm with a paper and the motto Deo Paget. A reward was being offered and people were being warned off buying them. Mrs Garvey was related to the Wade Family and the name Paget recurs through the family

  2. Hello Maria,

    Thanks for the message. This is another confirmation that the shield that you describe and that is on our socle, is linked to the Paget family. Interesting that someone with a link to the Paget family lived in the West Indies. I wonder whether Mrs Garvey ever had the silver sauce boats returned?


    • Maria O'Flaherty says:

      So quite by accident I stumbled on to a reference in the index of the St. Christopher Register. A Thomas Paget made a gift to Ann Clecland Garvey of a slave in 1785. There was also a will for him. He was the Minister of St. Thomas Middle Island and owed Ann quite a bit of money because she had inherited a sum from her aunt and uncle James and Mary Zinserling and made it over to him. So Thomas leaves her 1000 pounds in his will.. He also mentions as his daughters Jane Mardenborough, Mary Nicols Paget and Frances Paget. There were others by an earlier marriage. His second wife’s name was Elizabeth. He also had a sister called Ann Furnell of Egham and a brother Charles of Red Lion Street Holborn.

      • Peter Carroll says:

        Was Ann Clecland Garvey Jane Mardenbrough’s sister? In her will she does not say but I assume so.

  3. Jenny says:

    Hello, have just found your post and thought you might like to know that I am just listing a portrait of the Rev. Thomas Bradley Paget (1812-1893) on Ebay – so you can see what he looked like finally! Happy to send a photo if you can contact me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This crest reaches back much farther than the Thomas Paget mentioned here. I have been doing research on this family as I am directly decended from Thomas Pagitt born in 1490 in Barton-Seagrave. I have found evidence of this crest being in use by Thomas Pagitt, grandson of the aforementioned Thomas Pagitt.

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