W.G & J Strutt’s Macrame Twine

Belper North Mill have bought this twine in its original packaging from Ebay. It dates from 1913 and the box shows a picture of the the Mill – it is amazing that it has survived untouched and in such good condition.

Jedediah Strutt started developing the Mill at Belper in 1776.  Subsequent generations of Strutt’s continued to develop and improve the site and build the workers houses and local infrastructure.  The Mill continued as a working textile mill until its closure in 1991. 

It is one of the oldest surviving examples of an industrialised water powered cotton mill in the world.   Details of opening times, events and more information about the mill’s history can be found on their website.



3 Responses to W.G & J Strutt’s Macrame Twine

  1. Florence Slater says:

    I need Strutt’s macramé twine to make string mesh bags with a crocheted base. Can you send me some or tell me where I can get it in Australia? Thank you

  2. I am afraid we don’t sell Strutt’s twine. We are a group of museums buying objects for our collections and are in fact looking to buy pre-1914 Strutt twine, bobbins etc. Good luck in your hunt and if you come across any early Strutt cotton/twine etc, then please let us know!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I just found this very old post while researching the above twine. Can you tell me how to date it, I have some very old balls of it from my grandmothers’ home. Thank you

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