Richard Arkwright’s brandy pan

Matt Edwards, Derby MuseumsFrancis Hurt

We had recently been outbid on an ivory tea caddy with an Arkwright & Hurt armorial. This was given by Richard Arkwright to his daughter Susannah who married Charles Hurt in 1780. This would have been a lovely accompaniment to the portraits of Mr and Mrs Hurt by Joseph Wright that we are currently raising funding to purchase.

 However, we were tipped off about a collection of Arkwright silverware at the same auction house by Nicholas Shaw, a specialist in fine silver collectables.

 Richard Arkwright's brandy boat

Derby Museums are now the proud owners of this George III silver brandy pan, by Henry Chawner, 1787, engraved with an armorial of Sir Richard Arkwright. The armorial has an eagle crest holding in its beak an inescutcheon bearing a hank of cotton proper.

Richard Arkwright's amorialWhen Sir Richard was knighted and was made High Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1787, he commissioned WillersleyCastle and acquired a full dinner service of silver, of which this is a part, to embellish his table.

 Although working in London at the time the excellent silversmith, Henry Chawner, was a member of a local dynasty from Church Broughton, Derbyshire.

 The quality of this piece, its relative rarity and weight in silver alone will make a great exhibition piece.

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