Exhibition installation at Strutt’s North Mill

This week we’ve all been busy preparing for the ‘Derbyshire in the age of Enlightenment’ exhibition which opens at Strutt’s North Mill on Saturday. With only one week between the closing of the exhibition at Buxton and the opening at Belper, we’ve been beavering away condition checking, packing and transporting objects between the three museums.

Natascha filling a case with Derby PorcelianUnwrapping John Whitehurst at the Mill

The staff and volunteers at Strutt’s North Mill have been working really hard to get everything up on the walls and in cases. This takes a bit of ingenuity as the Mill has some very screw-unfriendly solid brick walls. To make life easier Enlightenment! has paid for a stud partition wall for the main gallery space. This has allowed the Mill to put a lot more pictures on display and means (pollyfilla at the ready), that they’ll be able to display a lot more in the future.

Our lovely print of Matlock Bath going onto the new pristine studd walls at Strutt's North Mill.

Our lovely print of Matlock Bath going onto the lovely new walls at Strutt’s North Mill.


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