Uncovering gems in the Beinecke Library

I’ve spent the last two days in the amazing Beinecke Library, Yale’s rareBeineke Library book and manuscript library.  I have been having a look at the collections that relate to Derbyshire and am currently transcribing parts of a travel diary written by an unknown lady on her 1807 tour of the North.  She visits the delights of Derbyshire along with her enigmatic travel companions Mr Pinchback and Eliza.  I’ll get some excerpts up in the next couple of days.

Nathainal Boothouse's diary

In the meantime here is a diary belonging to the Rev. Nathanial Boothouse, rector for Carsington near Ashbourne. I only took a cursory glance and the writing was pretty small and difficult to read, however I did notice various interesting names including a Mr Toplis.  It includes weather data for every day and lots of details of dinners – roast pork seems to be a favourite! Derbyshire Record Office have various manuscripts relating to Nathanial, including correspondence with Sir Philip Gell. It could make for an interesting read for someone – but not me, I’ve got too much to do!


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