Depicting Derbyshire

Depicting Derbyshire

We now have our eighteenth-century watercolours and sketches available via an online catalogue –  The website, which has been funded by a grant from the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, showcases art works of Derbyshire made between 1700-1820. These works are searchable via a map function, through keywords or through a full text search.


map function

Alongside the collections from Buxton Museum, there are also works from Derby Museums, the Derbyshire Record Office, Chatsworth House, The Arkwright Society and The Wordsworth Trust. This in an on-going project and we hope to add further pictures online in the coming year.


Examples of works online

The museum’s oil paintings can be searched via ArtUK.

We will be tweeting watercolours from our collections every Wednesday using the #watercolourwednesday and #depictingderbyshire hashtags.

3 Responses to Depicting Derbyshire

  1. Steve Riva says:

    This is a wonderful resource Anna .. Thank you

  2. Terry Hickman says:

    This is amazing! What a great project. I have no connection with Derbyshire whatsoever but I love your posts and the images you share. Congratulations!

  3. John Peacock says:

    This is an enticing display, Anna, and a great blog post! Congratulations on the enterprise. I’m a native of Derbyshire though exiled for many years in London. I’m researching (off and on) the landscape paintings of Thomas Smith and Joseph Wright, and hope your blog will soon include insights into these two excellent artists and their fine contributions to public awareness of Derbyshire.

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